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My wife and I have a senior in college and one in high school so we are living college financing and planning challenges in real-time. Most financial planners and tax professionals have very limited training in college planning. I've found ways to lower the overall cost of college for you and help you find the right colleges. 

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College Funding Choices Thumbnail

College Funding Choices

How can you help cover your child’s future college costs? Saving early (and often) may be key for most families. Here are some college savings vehicles to consider.

How Are 529 College Savings Plan Withdrawals Taxed? Thumbnail

How Are 529 College Savings Plan Withdrawals Taxed?

The big advantage of 529 plans is that qualified withdrawals are always federal-income-tax-free—and usually state-income-tax-free too. What you may not know is that not all 529 withdrawals are tax-free qualified withdrawals, even in years when you have heavy college costs. Here are six important points to know about 529 withdrawals.

12 FAFSA Tips Checklist Thumbnail

12 FAFSA Tips Checklist

Who else has a high school senior and is filling out the FAFSA Form? Download this 12 Tips checklist to make the task easier!